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Theobroma Cacao (Ambrosia or the Drink of the Gods)

By rbaez - February 26th, 2007, 14:37, Category: 9.Theobroma Cacao

During roughly fourteen years of constant presence in Venezuelan cocoa plantations I have been capturing photos.

Being the wife of a cocoa producer and exporter, I had to be present in all these locations. I was thus moved and fascinated to catch images related to the production process throughout many plantations in the central, western and eastern regions.

The search of white seeds of fine aromatic cocoa has been the main objective of all these incursions. The fragrance of the fine Venezuelan aromatic cocoas distinguishes them from other from other international productions.

The habitat and composition of local damp neo-tropical forests, sunshine, humidity, wind, and temperature are the elements that benefit production. As if it were an alchemist achievement, a good seed is produced leading to good chocolate. Venezuela is one of few countries producing such seed.

In order to be able to reproduce such a high-quality product, a decisive factor is the hard work that has bee reassumed by a small group of Venezuelan producers in exporting. The plantís production yield is not great; is susceptible to a series of diseases. From the sowing time one we must wait up to to three years in order to get the first harvest and the full yield is obtained after some five to seven years. The plantís production life is between twenty to twenty-five years and it is grown fully manually. One is dealing with a sustainable and conservational growth, does not allow cuttings of trees. In Venezuela the production practically reached a point to fall into nostalgia and forgetfulness but thanks to the initiative of producing entrepreneurs this being rescued. .

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